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ELF3, who has ever dreamed about a 1/12 kit? I’ve always been addicted to ELF GP racers! And what a great surprise to see this amazing new kit coming soon from Uta Design. Lot among you, remember that Model Factory Hiro released the ELF5 few years ago.

I was from the lucky to buy one at the time. And here another sublime ELF teased by the Japanese and talented craftsman, Uta Design. The ELF3. My other favorite racer made by the French petrol company and Andre De Cortanze and Serge Rosset‘s company, ROC (they made the famous ROC Yamaha 500 racers in the early 90s).

The ELF3 was, like all the other ELF bikes, motorised by Honda. Made in 1986, the ELF3 was powered by the Honda NS 500 3 cylinders. This bike won the Macao GP this year, ridden by Ron Haslam.

If you want to learn more about the ELF GP bikes, I can suggest you to read the Wikipedia page but it’s in French only.

I just have now to show you the ELF3 prototype Uta Design published, and from I see, for sure I want one! I don’t know yet if it will be a curbside kit or if we could mount the Tamiya kit’s engine. I wait for Uta Deisng’s informations, but usually, he makes things well so I guess the ELF3 will allow the Tamiya engine.

elf3 1/12 kit by uta design
elf3 1/12 kit by uta design left side

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