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Well this is the return of 112on2. What a better first new post than some news from Japan? I think we couldn’t find better way to come back. Special post with a special bike, the Hasegawa Kawasaki KR 250 kit! Like we did in past and as we can’t even get to Japan if we wanted, we show you here a photo report from a well known modeler from our community.

Our special reporter in Japan, Eiji Toyoda, is at the Shizuoka Hobby Show. Time for some new stuff! First shots from his hobby show trip are the first pictures of the brand new Hasegawa street legal bike kit.

At first, I didn’t really wanted to buy one for my personal collection. But looking closer at the Hasegawa presentation photos and looking in detail the technical sheet of the real bike, I discovered an unknown tandem twin cylinder with a specific rotative disc / reed valve intake system! The engine configuration is proper to Kawasaki which used it on the KR in 250 and 350cc class which the KR 250 is the successor.

I knew the KR 250 S, but never knew the existence of this sport 2 stroke bike since Hasegawa teased it few weeks ago. It makes me think about the Honda MVX 250 with its rear cylinder along the tail section

So, finally, I will get one for a review, but I already have a great project around this Hasegawa Kawasaki KR 250.

Let’s see now the first pictures by Eiji Toyoda!

1/12 kawasaki kr 250 presentation
hasegawa kawasaki kr 250 primer pre build
hasegawa kawasaki kr 250 kit parts
hasegawa kawasaki kr 250 unpainted

Of course, as soon as we have more pictures from Shizuoka, we will post them here as fast as we can. We hope to see much more new kits and transkits than expected. Perhaps some surprises from Tamiya, Fujimi and Aoshima? Wait and see…

More Shizuoka Hobby Show related will be soon back online.

Pictures courtesy of Eiji Toyoda

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