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I’m very happy to talk about this build. It’s not often that we see Tamiya 14014 Honda RS 1000 builds. Specially when they are upgraded thanks to hand made parts.

tamiya 14014 honda rs 1000 kit box

This Honda RS 1000 will be, for sure, absolutely pure art onc finished. Evgeniy Shemyakin, the builder, is adding lot of crusty details to his build. Everything single section of this Honda RS 1000 that need mods or upgrade will be improved. Let’s deep into this first part.

The Tamiya kit, which was released, first time in the 80s, wasn’t as accurate as the modern kits. Even the second release in 2015 won’t change anything as it’s been re edition only, and not a new version of the kit. So, Evgeniy decided to add details. First step was the swingarm. The reinforcement on the kit is not it should be. As reference the picture below show a bigger section with weldings. Using styrene and putty, the swingarm now looks already much more than the original one.

freddie spencer honda rs 1000
honda rs 1000 swingarm modification

I don’t really know the reason, but the real RS 1000 was using a rear 3 spokes Dymag wheel instead of the Compstar dear to Honda. The only way to get these Damage from Tamiya is to take from other rare kits, Kawasaki KR 500 or KR 1000 F. But would be sacrilege to do, so Evgeniy decided to build his own Dymag using the rim from the kit and build the rest from styrene. The result below, no doubt this is a Dymag!

damage wheel built from scratch
honda rs 1000 wheels

Even the stand was improved with rebuilt wheels axle plates, built in styrene too:

modificated paddock stand
pre built paddock stand

Full plastic fork tubes were rebuild in real metal tubes, as you can see below:

real metal inner tube

But there is lot to work on when you start to add details or improve a kit. Then , the handle bars were cut off the upper triple clamp using photo etched cutting blade. I suggest to use the same method to not loose too much material on both parts.

handle bars cute off the triple clamp

Of course, Evgeniy didn’t work so hard for nothing. Because of the poor quality (yes, comparing to now, we can say that), details were added on the upper triple clamp with bolts areas.

upper triple clamp top view
modification of the upper triple clamp

The handle bars were drilled to fit on the fork tubes, like the upper clamp. The result is really excellent, it requires bit of work but this kit deserves it. Don’t think it looks like the original kit set up, because of the picture. I know that once you have the model in front of you, this change it all.

complete pre built front fork

A bit of engine with the dry clutch cover totally open worked too get the closest as possible as the real racer. Holes marks were moulded by Tamiya but were not opened. I really love his work, I would do the same.

open work on clutch cover

Same treatment for the frame. After gloss black layers, it’s been all drilled to add more details. All the useless parts have been removed.

drilled fram

The fairings didn’t need modifications or big improvements. Here some samples of the paints done on the tank and the front fairing.

A clean painted and built engine, almost ready to fit into the frame. You can see below the clutch cover the copper wire which will be used to place the clutch cable/tubing.

painted honda rs 1000 engine left side view
pre built honda rs 1000 engine bottom view
pre built honda rs 1000 engine bottom view

Here the engine mounted in the HRC race steel frame.

engine in frame right view
engine in frame left view

Back on other great hand made work with for instance, the ignition coils. Styrene and flame formed plastic parts to reproduce accurately the ignition coil wires connections.

ignition coils details

We end this 1st part with some nice details added on the swingarm. Evgeniy used some thin copper plate to make the chain tensioners. Once primed and painted the swingarm stands pretty good and looks much more realistic.

copper made chain tensioners
chain tensioners mounted on swingarm
painted swingarm

I hope you enjoyed this work in progress review like I did. Stay tuned for the second part of this build as soon as possible. Don’t to take a look at some others Endurance builds or some nice Honda that were shown earlier.

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