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Here we are… the 200th post of the blog! It’s been now 8 years I’ve launched 112on2 with the passion for 1/12 scale motorcycles and sharing this passion with all of you.
When I started to be interested in scale motorcycles, quickly, thanks to internet, I understood that the best builders were in Japan. Among them, one became my first source of inspiration, and the way to improve my skills… it was Max Moto Modeling.
20 years later, ‘Max’ is still a great source of inspiration and motivation, and for this 200th post, I wanted to share with you a recent double build he made. Both bikes are the same base.

One is almost OOB and remains a kind of special in the motorcycle world, the Bimota Tesi 1D kit from Tamiya (#14062). A bike with a front swingarm and specific frame too. The Tesi 1D was the first street legal bike from the Tesi range following some racing prototypes. To me, Tamiya did right with this kit, because it was, and still is, something apart.

The second bike he built is also a Tesi 1D Tamiya 14062, but it’s the base for the great and rare transkit to make the Folgore Bianca. Produced by Nekopanchi in Japan in small series as a resin transkit.
The 1/1 scale Folgore Bianca bike was a custom Tesi released by White House. The design of this bike is not conventional at all and I can understand some people will hate it while others, like me, will like it.
Don’t try to find this transkit, you won’t find it, or if you do, it will be expensive, like all the rare productions.

Pictures courtesy of Max Moto Modeling

Talking about 122on2, I had to remember my very first blog (still online and written partly in French), the one from where all started.
And on this blog (not 100% dedicated to 1/12 scale motorcycles), there’s a Bimota Tesi kit also built in Japan.
If you want to see an extremely modified Bimota Tesi kit, I had posted one on my previous blog Phildystunt, you’ll see, this just stunning!

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