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Top Studio, the detail master, continues to introducing great sets for our 1/12 scale models.

After the end of T2M, I was so disappointed to not be able to find such nice screws, buts, axles, etc.

The quest is now over as Top Studio detail sets are filled with sublime metal items to add the latest detail you could add on your MotoGP or sport bike!

Last release from the detail master, the TD23278, bleed nipples screws is a set of 10 pcs of machined brake fluid bleeds screws you can add to your master cylinders and calipers. These bleeders are, of course, for 1/12 scale models (even cars). Easy, you just have to but off the original bleeder from the kit, drill 0,5mm. I truly recommend this type of details, this is the nirvana of details to me.

top studio td23278 bleed nipple screws

Other outstanding detail sets, the TD 23279, Carbon Brake Disc Bolt for Racing Bikes. In case you didn’t,’t know, these are only for MotoGP, or some Superbike like the Tamiya Ducati 888 kit (14063) which was using carbon brakes discs at the time. On the example below, you can see that these rivets are machined and have this specific marks on it.

motogp brembo carbon brake discs and calipers sets

An old technique was to stick photo etched rivets on your mini drill thanks to masking tape and turning it into polishing compound. The result is pretty good, but to me, it’s now much better to buy and use these rivets by Top Studio.

top studio td23279 carbon brake disc bolt for racing bike

Don’t forget to take a look at other detail sets post for more inspiration and ideas.

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